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Owned and operated by L. Hansen, AM Legal Services, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the public record retrieval business. We are a fully licensed and insured private investigation company specializing in legal assistance and clerking service. We operate directly from the heart of the Chicago loop.

Our staff consists of paralegals and clerks who specialize in legal technology and possess full breadth knowledge of Illinois' complex court systems. All staff is trained to navigate online data bases along with onsite courthouse searches so our clientele receives accurate information promptly with ease and assurance. We pride ourselves on constant communication with our clientele.

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AM Legal Services, Inc.
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Public Records

AM Legal is an extensive network of research specialists trained to provide personal, fast, and accurate services within Illinois' and neighboring court systems.
The following are the public record services which are provided:
Civil indexes county & federal levels
Criminal indexes county & federal levels
Traffic indexes
Probate and will indexes
Bankruptcy and Adversary indexes
Uniform Commercial Code filings state & county
Tax Liens
Mechanic Liens & Subcontractors Liens
Residential property searches
Assumed Names
Corporate filings & business registrations
Workmen's Compensation indexes
Marriage, Birth and Death records.

Clerking & Court Services

In this increasingly tight economy, business-savvy is required of any company, large or small. As you consider alternatives to cut costs within your own office or firm, consider an option that lessens your financial burden as it lightens your work load.

AM Legal is a licensed and privately owned company specializing in paralegal and clerking services. A central loop location, home-grown work ethic, and extensive knowledge of the Chicago metropolitan area have allowed our company to be an important extension of many law firms.

Instead of funneling your time, resources and healthcare benefits into new associates, trust a company with over 25 years of legal experience. We provide an accurate and professional service, speedy turnarounds and competitive pricing. Our daily coverage extends over twelve counties and courts. While we do the leg-work, you can focus on the work that makes your company unique.

Call for a price quote for daily, weekly or yearly coverage of Cook County's courthouses or for coverage of neighboring county systems.

Background Investigations

With an ever changing world, background checks have been a requirement for most employers as well as landlords to keep their tenants and property safe. Our trained staff keeps abreast of the current trends and legal requirements to help facilitate this process. Background checks must conform to the EEOC and Fair Credit Reporting Agency guidelines. Negative findings should not necessarily eliminate the candidate from the hiring process.
The following are suggested searches which should be performed to ensure the company or landlord chooses the best possible candidate:
County Criminal History Index
On site court search which centralizes where the person lived, where they attended school and previous employers.
US District Federal Criminal History
Criminal search prosecuted through the federal court systems. This type of search can include bank robbery, security fraud and drug trafficking.
County Civil History Index
Civil litigation on the county level search can include contract debt, landlord-tenant disputes, and personal injury and mortgage foreclosures.
US District Federal Civil History
Civil litigation on the federal level search can involve Constitutional issues and disputes regarding individuals crossing states lines. Anti-trust litigation and civil rights issues are just two examples.
Inquiry made by Social Security Index
This is highly recommended as this search will help determine counties to be searched.
Criminal State search conducted by state police agencies
Conviction searches conducted by state police which encompasses the entire state.

Water and Zoning

Water & Zoning Application, Full Payment Certificate Application, FPC-Chicago, Water & Sewer Application, Real Estate Exemption Requirements.
Chicago real estate transactions create a unique service niche to provide accurate and timely services for all of our clients' closing needs to be met.
Chicago Water Certificates
All Chicago properties require a water certificate to be provided at the selling or transferring of any property.
Chicago Zoning Certificates
All Chicago properties are required to register with the City Department which will verify the amount on units in a property.
Multiple Dwelling Certificates
Any Chicago properties with more than 4 units must register with the City of Chicago on a yearly basis. This certificate will state the number of units in the building, who the building management company is and will provide the names of the owners of the building.
Estimate of Redemptions/Open item bills
Cook County properties which have failed to pay current real estate taxes are required to pay all taxes and penalties before a real estate deal can be completed.


Forms to assist you in requesting services.
The original forms can be found here.

General Order Form

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Zoning Compliance

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Multi Dwelling

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Water Certification

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AM Legal Services, Inc.
Address: 20 N. Clark
Suite 850
Chicago, IL 60602
T:(312)782-7361 F:(312)782-2838
Outside IL:(800)203-4160